Network: We raise over £2 million a year for projects and organisations focused on justice, peace and the environment

What we fund

The recipients of Network for Social Change grants are diverse but broadly fit into what we call “progressive social change”. Many of the projects we fund are at an early stage of development; others may be well-established organisations. 

The projects we support

How we fund

About 80% of our funding is charitable and goes through our charity, Network for Social Change Charitable Trust. We also fund non-charitably, through Funding for Social Change Ltd

Our funding areas

We work together

We come together at conferences and in small groups, to learn from each other, review projects and consider new areas to support. Collaboration is key. 

Our members’ personal beliefs vary, but we all aim for a fairer and more sustainable world, and wish to use our resources to help make that a reality.

What membership means for us

Our values

With so many projects to choose, how do we select those we sponsor? We tend to favour radical projects which are influential or replicable, and which are hard to fund. We are guided by our values and funding framework.

The values we believe in

Our impact

It’s key that the projects and organisations we support are focused on justice, peace and the environment. We’ve funded over 8,000 projects in the 40 years since we started. We publish our funding and project outcomes in our regular funding reports.

What impact have we made this year?

Campaigning for ocean recovery

We supported Wildlife & Countryside Link, co-ordinating many of the groups working to protect our oceans from pollution and over-fishing.

More biodiversity projects
Project image
Eelgrass can capture carbon and help mitigate global warming

Overturning wrongful convictions

We supported Appeal, a charity and law practice that fights miscarriages of justice. Andy Malkinson was cleared after 17 years in prison following a wrongful conviction.

More human rights projects
Project image
Andy Malkinson outside the Supreme Court, London, UK