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We have over 100 members from all parts of the UK who pledge to give at least £5,000 a year. We find Network to be a valuable place to give, learn, share and reflect.

We come from a wide range of backgrounds. Some of us have benefited from a windfall or inheritance; others have made money through their work or business. Some are giving from capital; others out of a modest income. What we have in common is wanting to use our pooled resources to make the world safer and fairer for all.

We find the process of sponsoring and assessing projects gives meaning to our donations, in a way that simply ticking a donate box does not. We enjoy working together, learning all the time from each other and from our grantees.

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The benefits of joining Network for Social Change

As well as donating money, Network is a place to discuss social and environmental  issues, and support each other through the logistical and emotional issues that may arise relating to our wealth:

Gaining confidence and experience

By coming together to find, assess and fund projects, members learn about effective grant making and about supporting progressive social change. This includes:  

  • spotting potential grant recipients
  • helping projects prepare a good grant application
  • assessing projects
  • meeting with the amazing individuals and groups that we fund

Learning and enjoying giving

Our twice yearly conferences, in different parts of the UK, are a time for:

  • enjoying being together and having a good time
  • pledging funds together 
  • visiting projects
  • learning from external speakers
  • discussing and reflecting on wider issues
  • sharing in the ‘work’ of Network

Money and relationships

We create a safe space at conferences to reflect on personal issues around money. We help each other with practical matters such as setting up charitable giving.

For some people it’s a huge relief to explore their personal giving priorities, and to discover the joy of directing their resources to create a fairer world. (They can also start to feel less burdened by all the good causes they choose not to fund.) 

We explore personal issues around wealth and relationships, such as telling people about inherited wealth, whether to pass money to children, and how much to give and when.

We joined Network when our kids were very young. Network provides a community of people who are passionate about promoting social change —and childcare too! Along the way, we’ve had the privilege of helping create exciting new initiatives, and got to know some stunning organisations. We joined because we particularly like supporting smaller projects driven by those most affected by injustice.

—Paul & Jaqui, NSC members

What does membership look like?

We subscribe to the values of Network for Social Change, as well as committing to the following:

We commit to giving

The spread of giving is very wide, with individual/couple contributions ranging from the minimum threshold of £5,000 to over £100,000 a year. A small fee, currently 4%, is taken from grants to cover admin costs.

Membership is confidential

Members agree not to identify anyone else as a member (either current, former or prospective) unless that person has opted to be “open” about their membership. About half of our members are “open”.

Members’ giving is confidential

Network is carefully organised so as to protect the financial privacy of all members, and none of us know how much others give (except in the lower level funding rounds). We organise in this way so as to avoid the negative effects that power and status could have on relationships and culture within Network. All members, whatever their level of giving, are fully welcomed and respected.

Members and Racial Justice 

A strong and active Racial Justice sub-group started in 2020. Our grantees have helped us learn more deeply about funding for racial justice. We are still learning how to be active anti-racists. We particularly welcome new members from diverse backgrounds, and those with lived racial justice experience. 

Members help each other

One way or another, according to our interests, skills and availability, most of us are actively involved in progressive social change and in the functioning of Network. We are willing to devote time to the implications of having wealth, and to helping each other in our giving —and in more personal ways too.

Members get involved 

We hold two in-person 3-day conferences each year and many members come regularly. In between conferences self-organised subgroups meet in person and online, to research projects, develop new funding areas, and support the administration of the organisation.

Membership is flexible

The subscription and threshold for single, couple and family members are the same (£200/year, one membership per address). We provide excellent free childcare at conferences and welcome families. Partners of single members are very welcome to attend too.

How do I join?

To discuss joining, please complete the Join Us form and one of our members will get in touch. Prospective members are interviewed and invited to attend a conference before deciding whether to proceed.

Use our Enquiry form if you would like to get in touch with us for any other reason.

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