Network: We’ve funded over 8,000 projects in the 40 years since we started

As a group, we fund social change projects beyond the familiar mainstream charities. Some are led by the people impacted by the issue they work on (client-led). Some funding is for groups advocating for specific policy changes. By relying on each other’s expertise and spreading the risk, we find and fund important and cutting-edge projects.

Our projects range from small, local organisations to major UK-wide policy initiatives, as well as projects overseas. 

About 80% of our funding is charitable, awarded by Network for Social Change Charitable trust (NSCCT).

Charitable grants

Some 20% of the funds we give are non-charitable, and goes through Funding for Social Change Ltd (FSC). This may be because the recipient organisation is not constituted, or is overseas, or not undertaking charitable work.

Non-charitable grants

In the last year (2022-23) we continued to fund through our Major Projects programme, as well as through Pools and Fast Track grant streams. For previous years’ reports, these are available as PDFs.

Non-charitable Major Project grants 2022-23

Most of our funding for major projects is charitable, however in 2023, as part of the Labour Rights major project, we funded non-charitably:

Non-charitable Pools grants 2022-23

Generally one-off funding up to £20,000. There is one round per year. Non-charitable Pools grants in 2022-23 were:

  • African Youth Initiative on Climate Change  For training and integrating outstanding, locally experienced, young people into climate negotiations, including COPs and international summits
  • Association of Community Organisations for Reform Now (ACORN)  Remote organising for community groups on housing, transport, low incomes, public services and the environment
  • Black Economists Network  Empowering black economists to access better career opportunities and contribute to equitable policy change
  • Corporate Watch  For Housing Profiteers, research to support housing campaigns; and Research against Racism, helping marginalised groups to win justice
  • Declassified UK  Media organisation using forensic reporting to uncover abuses of power and influence by corporations, the government and the military 
  • L’Auberge des Migrants For Human Rights Observers in Northern France, supporting migrants and opposing police evictions where significant violence is being used by the police
  • Open Briefing  Working internationally to protect activists through digital and physical security, and offering psychotherapeutic support to avoid burn-out
  • Peace Track Initiative  For the Southern Feminist Coalition (Yemen), bringing women’s needs into the peace process and enabling them to participate in negotiations and peacebuilding 
  • Policy Research in Macroeconomics (PRIME)  Working for a Social Guarantee: influencing policy to provide universal access to life’s essentials, including a fair living income
  • Retune Charity Ltd  80 wellbeing workshops for primary schools, using music and the SCALES model – Sleep, Creative, Active, Listen Earth and Social
  • Stay Grounded Publicising the arguments against private jet use, airport expansion, frequent flying and “green” tourism, as well as calling out misinformation from the aviation industry
  • Uplift  Promoting the acceleration of the phase out of UK oil and gas production; research and support for other groups; and legal challenges
  • We Own It  Protecting public services from post-Brexit trade deals; and campaigning to reinstate our NHS as a fully public service

Non-charitable Fast Track grants 2022-23

Generally one-off funding of £5,000 – £8,000. In 2022-23 we awarded 14 non-charitable Fast Track grants through 4 funding rounds. Grants were:

  • 3DCentre Opening Doors to Future Justice Advocates, enabling the next generation of justice advocates to effect social change in their communities and wider society
  • AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power  Queer Footprints Programme confronting the AIDS healthcare crisis, and publicising the ongoing issues
  • BESEA.N Grassroots organisation with a mission to empower, educate and raise awareness about East and South East Asian (ESEA) communities in the UK
  • Climate Emergence  Wellbeing and the environment movement – supporting sustainability from the inside out
  • Coexist Community Kitchen Non-profit cookery school and community space in Easton, Bristol, using food to connect socially marginalised and disenfranchised people 
  • Community Farm Volunteering in Chew Valley –progression opportunities for refugees, asylum seekers and those with mental ill health
  • Fair Tax Foundation Exposing the way UK public procurement contracts are won by businesses linked to offshore tax havens
  • Glasbren CIC  Building agency and regenerative skills in rural communities, Glasbren, Carmarthenshire
  • Make Votes Matter Educational and campaigning work for proportional representation in UK elections; a cross-party people’s lobby
  • Platform 6 Development Co-operative Ltd Co-operation for Climate Solutions: A conference to explore how practical co-operative models can help deliver climate justice
  • Stir to Action  Diversifying “barefoot advisors” in the Cooperative sector and encouraging minority communities to participate
  • Stop Deportation Centre  Protest camp against deportation; part of the campaign to stop the construction of a deportation prison at Berlin airport
  • Together Against Sizewell C (TASC)  To help fund a legal challenge by local people against planning consent for the Sizewell C nuclear power plant
  • War Resisters International Campaigning for the human right to conscientious objection to military service in Turkey 

Download 5-year Funding Reports in PDF format for Funding for Social Change Ltd.