Network: A group of individuals providing funding for progressive social change

Our impact
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What we do

Together we raise well over £2 million a year for organisations focused on justice, peace and the environment.

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How we fund

We come together to sponsor and assess projects that create a more equal and sustainable world. 

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Who we are

We are over 100 people who find that the Network is a good place to give, learn, share and reflect; we get involved, and have fun in the process.

Active membership

We join together to find and assess projects and pledge money. By collaborating, we help each other gain confidence and experience as grant-makers.

What does membership look like?

The impact we make

Some of our projects have been high profile successes. One such was our start-up funding for the Stop Climate Chaos environmental coalition, which achieved cross-party support to enact the Climate Change Act of 2008, mandating 80% cuts in UK carbon emissions. This remains one of the strongest pieces of climate legislation in the world.

Projects we support

During a lifetime working for environmental campaigns, I learned just how impactful small grants can be in enabling new causes.

—C.F, NSC member
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