Network: Share your project with our members

If, having browsed our website, you feel that your project or organisation may be of interest to us at Network for Social Change, please send us a summary and one of our members may contact you and offer to sponsor it. 

Network only funds applications which are sponsored by a member. We cannot promise that your project will be sponsored (inevitably only a small percentage are), but we do promise our sincere attention and respect. And sometimes we may be able to help you publicise your project to other funding bodies.

We welcome projects led by people with lived experience of the issues they work on or the services they provide, including projects led or founded by people of colour.

Projects submitted stay on our list for review for three months; if you have not heard from us within that time, it is likely we are unable to help you.

Please do not contact our Administrator directly—they are not part of the project selection process. We do not reply to unsolicited emails or letters from applicants.

Share your project

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