Network for Social Change is committed to ensuring your privacy is protected. We do not share your details with any external organisation and will never use your information for unsolicited contact. 

Contact details which are voluntarily submitted to Network as part of general inquiries or applications for membership are held only for as long as required as part of our working processes, or up to three months, whichever is the sooner.  

Share Your Project contact information submitted by potential grant applicants may be held for up to one year to enable cross-referencing with other applications. 

We do not use cookies on this site and do not monitor your usage. 

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If you have a complaint about Network or any of its staff or trustees, please write to us on paper at this postal address:

Network for Social Change, BM 2063, London WC1N 3XX

Address your envelope “Complaint” and it will be forwarded unopened to our Convenor who will seek to address the issue responsively and promptly.