Network: The values that guide Network for Social Change

We commit to social change

We work to reduce poverty, racism, war, discrimination, oppression and environmental destruction; as well as resisting the abuse of power by governments and corporations where they are contributing to these problems. Protecting democracy and developing sustainable ways of living are priorities. Where we can, we address the root causes of social issues.

We look for leverage and influence

Where does change start? Both ‘change from below’ as well as ‘change from above’ can be impactful. Change led by those with personal experience of oppression can be particularly effective, while changing laws and policies can embed positive change for the long term.

The people working in the projects we fund are specialists in their own areas, and it is our great privilege to learn from them. We have a strong faith in the power of small, ambitious organisations to create positive change and we are willing to take risks in funding them.

We address racism and racial injustice

Since 2020 we have paid particular attention to the power imbalance of race. Our members are mostly, but not entirely, people of white heritage. Many of us have now undertaken “inner work” to understand and address our own unconscious bias, and in some cases to investigate the racist origins of our own wealth. With other funding bodies, we are now working to widen the scope of our grant-giving, and reach out more actively to projects led by and for people from racialised minorities. We actively seek new members from diverse backgrounds.

We bring people together

Network for Social Change brings together people concerned about social justice and the climate and biodiversity crises. We use our own resources to promote systemic change for a fairer and more sustainable world. By pooling resources and using our collective talents, we believe we can achieve more together than each of us can alone. We reflect on the impact of our privilege and provide a welcoming space for members to explore how to redress imbalances of power.

We work collectively

We run our organisation ourselves – with the help of a wonderful administrator. Members start and manage sub-groups and initiatives, draft and establish policies and procedures, and serve on our two Boards of Directors. We value the different contributions members are able to make both financially and in terms of time.

What does Network membership look like?

There are both benefits and obligations of membership. We welcome enquiries from people who might like to join us.

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