Picture credits

We are grateful to the many organisations and individuals who have allowed us to use their images, and to all the photographers who have made their images available under a creative commons license.

Where photographers have requested accreditation, their images are replicated below and each is linked back to the profile of the photographer (where we have a link available). All other images were supplied courtesy of the organisation or individual that the image refers to, or are by members of the Network for Social Change.

If any attributions are incorrect, please contact us and we will correct them.

Stop Climate Chaos
Jess Hurd/ jesshurd.com
Photo courtesy of Gary Calton
rice paddy
children of the forest
Photo by Piya, courtesy of Children of the Forest
Leonard and Gertrude Tisley
Image courtesy of Lesley Wade
David Cameron at Stop Climate Chaos
Simon Williams/RSPB Stop Climate Chaos
©T Mitchell, courtesy of New Economics Foundation
client earth
Image © Stuart Chalmers
blue Ventures
©Garth Cripps / Blue Ventures Conservation
Gas Flaring Nigeria
©Peter Roderick, courtesy of Friends of the Earth International
Photo © Mark Edwards, Hard Rain
Photo © Mark Edwards, Hard Rain
20s plenty for us
Photo cc Martin Todd
prison bars
Linda Carty, ©Mary Fitzgerald, courtesy of Reprieve
business and human rights centre
Photo credit Something About The Law, courtesy of Business and Human Rights Research Centre
ice and fire
Photo ©Ben Kelly, courtesy of Ice and Fire
nuclear weapons
Image cc blatantworld
Crisis Action
Photo ©Yan Boechat
photo cc Mark Cummins
justice not vengance
© Emily Johns
climate change in Kenya
Photo cc International Centre for Tropical Agriculture