Most people join to become more confident in their giving and address mixed feelings about money.

An interesting and effective way to give

As a group, we discover social change projects outside of the large mainstream charities. Some are quite radical and risky: challenging rather than cuddly. By relying on each other's expertise and spreading the risk, we find and fund important and cutting-edge projects.

By giving collaboratively, and often anonymously, we separate our giving from power. We also find that the process of sponsoring and assessing projects gives meaning to our donations, in a way that simply writing a cheque does not.

Even if we can only afford to give the minimum, we all enjoy feeling part of the larger whole.

To learn and gain experience

Our processes are designed to help members gain confidence and experience in grant making and in supporting progressive social change. This includes

  • spotting potential grant recipients
  • helping projects prepare a good grant application
  • assessing grant applications
  • meeting with grant applicants
  • impartial advice from other members on practical matters, such as setting up a charitable trust or leaving money to children.

We also learn and are inspired by meeting with the amazing individuals and groups that we fund.

To share experience and have fun

Our twice yearly conferences are a time for

  • socialising
  • giving
  • learning from external speakers
  • visiting projects
  • sharing in the "work" of Network
  • having fun, often in splendid surroundings

We provide excellent free childcare at conferences and welcome parents who wish to bring their children along.

Partners are also welcome, and can get involved as much or as little as they like.

It’s a safe space to reflect

We create a safe space to reflect on personal issues around money and to share experience. Common topics include:

  • money and relationships
  • lending money
  • telling people about inherited wealth
  • children and wealth
  • working for money when we don’t need it.

For some it’s a huge relief to discover their personal giving priorities and start to feel less burdened by all the good causes they choose not to fund.

Some members prefer to be discreet about their giving.  We organise Network carefully to protect their privacy.

womens weekend

"I no longer feel alone and overwhelmed"





















Denis Kigongo

Our conferences include music and dance. Above is Denis Kigongo leading us in a drumming workshop.