We have three funding streams; Pools, Major Projects and FastTrack. All projects are sponsored and assessed by members who choose which of the funding streams to participate in and how to allocate their donations between the options on offer. 

FastTrack: FastTrack provides grants of up to £8000. Each project is identified, assessed and sponsored by a single member, who then invites fellow members to join them in funding it.  There are four funding rounds a year.

Pools: Members sponsor projects for grants of up to £20K per project from one of the 6 Pools. Currently these are Green Planet, Human Rights, Economic Justice, Health and Wellbeing, Peace, Arts and Education. The projects are then assessed by members of the Pool who decide together on a portfolio to bring to the wider membership for funding. Around half our funding is via Pools. There is one funding round a year:the application deadline is late August and grants are awarded in February.  Most grants are in the range £15-20K

Major Projects: These are projects which are each initiated and driven by a small group of Networkers. Typically these will focus on a neglected area of social change. The wider membership normally then provides funding for 3-6 years, typically raising £100-150K per project per year.

Our current major projects are:

  • Landworkers Alliance
  • Cutting Carbon Now
  • Labour Rights
  • Windrush Justice

Charitable and non-charitable funding

Within these streams about 90% of funding is to charitable projects and about 10% to non-charitable ones. Charitable funding can be very tax efficient for our members, but non-charitable funding is an important way to fund new or more radical campaigning organisations. These can make significant impacts but often struggle to get funding.

Charitable projects are funded through The Network for Social Change Charitable Trust. Registered UK Charity Number 295237. Company Registration Number 2037412

Non-Charitable projects are funded through Funding for Social Change Limited. Company Registration Number 2045547

"With Network, I have the courage to be more generous."