This page shows a selection of the projects and organisations we have funded in the environmental sector. Particular interest areas are climate change and tackling environmental injustice.

All projects were funded through our charity Network for Social Change Charitable Trust, unless indicated as non charitable.

New Economics Foundation

New Economics Foundation: The Great Transition
Supporting NEF in a major project on how to transform the economy so that it works for people and  planet. This included developing the NEON organisers network and an ecological macro-economic model. 2009-2015: £1,035,628
Campaign for Better Transport: Roads Campaigning
Project to show how sustainable transport options are vital and to prove that major road building will not solve the UK's transport problems. 2015 £20,926
climate coalition
The Climate Coalition. Climate change campaigning
Continuing project to build momentum in UK civil society, following the climate change agreement in Paris 2015. Previously one of our Major Projects 2005-2010. 2016 £15,000
Environmental Investigation Agency: Marine Plastics
Urgent work to change EU policy programmes in order to reduce marine litter in a strategic and coordinated way. 2016: £15,000
New Internationalist: Activist reporting
New Internationalist's reporting from the grassroots during the 2015 Paris climate talks reached 28m people in 160 countries. 2015: £6762 (Non Charitable)
Feedback: Unfair Supermarket practices
A project to investigate, expose, challenge and change the unfair trade practices by large UK and EU retailers that are imposed on their suppliers around the world and increase waste. 2014: £17,926
Frack Off:  Activist training 
A project to support grassroots activists by training regional organisers to pass on skills and information to local groups concerned about fracking. 2015: £18,000 (non charitable)

"The Network for Social Change approach works because there is a personal touch through the sponsor who presents the project as well as the evaluators who ask challenging questions."