This page shows some of the organisations we have supported in the area of peace. Their projects range from local peace-building to high-level research.

All projects were funded through our charity Network for Social Change Charitable Trust, unless indicated as non charitable.

Remote Control. NSC Major Project.
This project aims to raise awareness of the risks and limitations of remote control warfare and bring together a coalition to campaign for a more balanced UK defence policy. 2012-2015 £526,030

peace direct

Peace Direct: NSC Major Project
Training and supporting local organisations and individual peacebuilders in conflict areas such as Sri Lanka, Kashmir, and DR Congo has helped bring solutions to divided communities. 2003-2010: £388,676
Pugwash UK: Trident Submarines
Funding to co-ordinate research, produce briefings for politicians and the media on possible technical vulnerability of Trident Submarines. 2016: £15,000

The Syria Campaign: Supporting rescue workers.
building public campaigns around the world to end the violence and support Syria’s volunteer rescue workers - the White Helmets. 2016: £14,000 (Non Charitable)
In Place of War: Creative Entrepreneurial Programme
Empowering young people affected by conflict to create sustainable income and social change through their creativity 2016: £13375
Wildfire: nuclear weapons treaty
Building international support for a treaty banning nuclear weapons. 2016: 10,000 (Non Charitable).
China Dialogue: Fostering cooperation.
This project aimed to begin fostering a cooperative approach to water in the Indus basin 2015: £15,107



"Your funding was our first significant grant, and put our arrangements on a sound financial footing. It gave us the space and opportunity to approach other funders and was critical to our survival."