This page includes some of the projects and organisations we have funded in the area of justice and economic and human rights.

All projects were funded through our charity Network for Social Change Charitable Trust, unless indicated as non charitable.

Regional Asylum Activism: NSC Major Project.
This project aims to change attitudes about asylum seekers and refugees and campaign for positive change to the asylum system.
2011-2015 £675,768

JENGbA (Joint Enterprise: Not Guilty by Association)
Funding to allow the JENGbA campaign to establish a London office. As a result of this campaign, the unjust joint enterprise law was overturned in July 2016. 2013: £15000 (Non charitable)
Choir with no name

The Choir with No Name. Homelessness
Runs choirs for homeless people, offering weekly rehearsals and hot meals, changing public perceptions of homeless people. 2014: £15,333


Maslaha: Core funding
Core funding for this multi award-winning organisation creating innovative practical solutions for social issues affecting especially Muslim communities in the UK. 2015: £15,100

Sloan Square
Transparency international UK :Corruption.
Two year project using police and land registry datasets to reveal how corrupt money is laundered through UK property and recommend policy and regulatory changes.
2014: £20,000. 2015: £16,805

New Israel Fund: Breaking the Silence
The project enables Israeli army veterans to disseminate their personal testimony on the reality of life in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in 3 Israeli universities and Berlin. 2012: £13,441
LifeMosaic: supporting indigenous communities.    
Filmmakers supporting indigenous communities at risk of exploitation by making videos and accompanying educational materials to record struggles and inspire resistance. 2015: £11,100
Latin American Mining Monitoring Programme: Resource extraction
Supporting rural and indigenous women in Latin America who are experiencing first-hand the negative impacts of large-scale resource extraction. 2015: £11,100 


"The Network for Social Change suported us in pursuing our work in our own way, rather than by trying to adapt our work to fit internal strategies as some funders do. This is a real strength."