Funding principles

Through our charity, Network for Social Change Charitable Trust and our non charity, Funding for Social Change Ltd, we fund a variety of charitable and non-charitable projects, each sponsored by a member.

We look for projects that promote social change (broadly defined) and tend to favour projects which are innovative, highly leveraged, and/or difficult to fund (a category which may include core funding for an organisation). We like addressing the root causes of a problem, not the symptoms.

We do not fund responses to one-off disasters, most types of building, or direct contributions to political parties. Non-charitable projects are required to use our money for non-violent and legal purposes only.

We do not accept unsolicited funding applications, but if you have a  project that you think a member might be interested in sponsoring for funding, go to our Project Noticeboard




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Our downloadable funding reports for 2004-7, 2008-11, 2011-2015, 2015-19 (NSCCT, FSC) and 2019-2023 (NSCCT, FSC) describe our funding in more detail