Some of our stories

Many of us value the anonymity that Network membership offers, but here are a few of our stories.


Paul and Jacqui earn more than they need
"We joined Network when our kids were very young.  Network provides a great environment - a community of people who are passionate about promoting social change, and childcare too!  Along the way, we have had the privilege of being involved in creating exciting new initiatives, and got to know some stunning organisations. We joined because we like the idea of funding collectively, and particularly like supporting smaller projects driven by those most affected by injustice".
Cathy has an inheritance from her grandfather
"Although we have a family charitable trust, it wasn’t reaching the sort of projects that are closest to my heart. The great thing about network is finding more exciting, cutting edge, radical projects. I’ve also learnt so much: it’s really expanded my horizons. I’m currently getting very excited about Network’s major projects, trying to change the economic system to something fairer and more sustainable."
Philip took early retirement from the law
"I took early retirement because I wanted to prove that there was life after the law. At the same time, my wife and I decided to put some of the earnings from my legal partnership into a charitable trust. We support a variety of things but particularly like helping cutting-edge groups that are tackling injustice."
Sue and Oliver
Sue and Oliver sold a small chain of estate agents
"When we sold up, we wanted both to find new interests and to use some of our good fortune to help others and work towards a better world. In the event, joining Network fulfilled both aims and a whole new and rewarding life opened up. We have met so many interesting people, both within Network and in various projects, been inspired to support a wide range of causes, and become deeply involved in a few. We've learned a lot and had a lot of fun in the process."
Sara (C) gary colton
Sara inherited a house as a child
"My mother, who was an only child, died when I was 2 and my mother's parents died soon afterwards. As a result I inherited my grandparent's home and all their possessions at the age of 5. I now work for a wildlife charity and am giving away some of my inheritance to good causes. I am particularly interested in conserving biodiversity, climate change and changing the present economic system."


Ann was interviewed on Radio 4

Sara was interviewed by the BBC and the Guardian

Martin appeared in Secret Millionaire