What  is the Network for Social Change?

Network for Social Change is a group of individuals who collectively fund projects which work towards progressive social change.  Some people might describe us as radical philanthropists – although not all of us are comfortable with that term

Who do you fund?

The Network for Social Change funds a wide variety of projects and organisations, most of which are charities. The recipients of our donations are diverse but broadly fit into what we call “progressive social change”. We focus on the areas of justice, equality, peace and the environment. Many of the projects we fund are at an early stage of development; others may be well-established organisations. Non-charitable projects largely tend to be campaigners, but must always be legal and non-violent.

How successful have you been?

Many of our projects have had high profile successes that would not have been possible without network funding. One of our most successful campaigns of recent years was Jubilee 2000. We initiated this ground-breaking campaign, and provided £700K in funding in total. The campaign resulted in the relief of over $36 billion in unpayable third world debt.

How much do you give away?

Each year we give away around £1 million in total, with individual members donating at least £4,000 a year per subscription.  

What does it cost?

Membership of network currently costs £200 a year per subscription, which can be for 2 members at the same address. This covers the general administration of Network. The costs of our twice-yearly conferences vary, and members are expected to pay for their accommodation, food and transport to the conferences.

Who are you affiliated with?

The Network for Social Change has no political or religious affiliations. Our members’ personal beliefs vary, but broadly, we tend to believe in a more equal and sustainable world and wish to use our money to help others in their work to make that world a reality.

How do you find your projects?

Most of the projects and organisations that we fund are personally brought to the Network by our members. They are vetted and assessed and required to report back on how they’ve spent the money that we’ve donated. We don’t accept unsolicited applications under any circumstances, although charities can use the project noticeboard to bring projects to our members’ attention.

I don’t personally know any projects or charities, can I still join?

Network doesn’t require members to find projects to fund.

How often do you donate money?

Network members gather together twice a year at conferences to present our chosen projects to each other and to raise money for them. As well as being an interesting, inspiring and stimulating weekend, it’s also a lot of fun. However, you can still donate to our projects even if you aren’t able to attend our conferences.

I have children. Can I bring them to a conference?

Yes, Network provides excellent free childcare during conferences.

How can I apply for a Network grant?

The majority (though not all) of the projects and organisations we fund have charitable status. If you would like to submit a project for one of our members to sponsor, then visit our project notice board.  However, be aware that we get many more submissions than we can fund.

Is there a ‘typical’ Network member?

There is no typical Network member. Some of us have inherited our wealth, others have received a windfall, and some have made their money through their work or business. We don’t all come from the same background and we don’t all have the same political outlook. However, this doesn’t stop us working together!

What if I’ve inherited a large sum of money but I don’t want anyone to know?

Most members value the anonymity that Network offers and only a small number of members are open about their wealth, their giving or their membership. Some members prefer to keep this private from their friends or work colleagues, while others are completely open about their situation.

Why should I join?

Network is a fun and inspiring group to belong to. It’s empowering to feel that by pooling your money with others, you can make a real difference to the world that we live in. As well as donating money, we also have lively discussions about the issues of the day, and support each other through any of the logistical and emotional issues that we have around our wealth.

How do I join?

If you’d like to join network, the first step is to fill out our online application form here. You’ll then be contacted by a member of Network.

I’ve seen a reference online to the Network for Social Change funding a non-charity, but I thought you were a charity. What’s up?

The Network for Social Change provides charitable funding though our registered charity, The Network for Social Change Charitable Trust, UK Charity Number 295237, and non-charitable funding through our company, Funding for Social Change Limited, Company Registration Number 2045547.  We take care to allocate our funding appropriately, but as we are generally known as 'Network for Social Change' we are aware that this can sometimes cause confusion.   If you think you have spotted a mistake, please contact us so we can deal with it.

I’ve seen another organisation calling itself Network for Social Change. What’s up?

The name, 'Network for Social Change' is our registered trademark. If you think you have seen another organisation using the name inappropriately, please contact us so we can investigate.