About us

The Network for Social Change is a group of individuals providing funding for progressive social change, particularly in the areas of justice, peace and the environment. Together we give well over £1 million a year to a variety of projects and organisations. About 90% of this is through our charity Network for Social Change Charitable Trust, with the rest through our non-charity, Funding for Social Change Limited.

We have many different backgrounds, although all of us accept the obligations of membership and have enough wealth to meet the costs. Some of us have inherited our wealth, while others have created it. Some are new to philanthropy, looking for a good way to use surplus capital, income or a windfall to support exciting social change projects. Others are more experienced philanthropists with significant charitable trusts, who value Network as an efficient way to fund cutting-edge projects.

Whatever our background and situation, we like working collaboratively and helping each other gain confidence and experience as grant-makers. We're proud of what we achieve together in making the world a better place.